We are so excited to share with you that Regelle is now available on Boots.com

We are so excited to have our product listed with Boots as it makes it easier for the thousands of women suffering from vaginal dryness to get access to Regelle.

Vaginal dryness is a common issue suffered by thousands of women. However, women are reluctant to talk about the issue and feel as though it is just another thing to put up with. Therefor vaginal dryness often goes untreated.

The main cause of these conditions is a decrease in the production of the hormone oestrogen. When oestrogen levels drop, blood flow to the vaginal walls and natural secretions decrease, causing the vaginal walls to become thinner, less elastic and more fragile. Vaginal dryness is primarily experienced during the menopause, however it can also occur as a result of certain medications, breastfeeding, stress or smoking.

Regelle is a non-hormonal vaginal moisturiser, clinically proven to provide long-lasting relief and rejuvenates the vaginal cells.

We are excited for our product to reach even more women across the UK in search for a non-hormonal, easy to use, long lasting solution to vaginal dryness.

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