Don’t Let Vaginal Dryness Hold You Back!

Vaginal dryness need never hold you back again. This is our core belief at Regelle – and one endorsed by our menopause advisor, the renowned menopause doctor, Dr Louise Newson. Navigating the menopause can present many challenges for women, from embarrassing hot flushes, strange night sweats, puzzling mood swings and the pain and discomfort of vaginal dryness.

However, at Regelle, we believe that vaginal discomfort for many women could easily be a thing of the past.

“There is no need for women to suffer vaginal dryness at any stage in their lives.”

“Opting for Regelle, which is a long-lasting vaginal moisturiser is the perfect choice for women seeking a non-hormonal solution to vaginal dryness providing continuous moisturisation for up to 3 days after each application, unlike short acting lubricants.”

-Advises Dr Louise Newson

Regelle offers immediate and clinically proven long-lasting relief from dryness and the related discomfort – and it’s so simple to apply with the hygienic one-use applicator. The fact that each application lasts for up to 3 days means that you can just get on with your life – in comfort once again.

Hormonal & Life-Stage Moments

Regelle has identified what we call the ‘hormonal & life-stage moments’ in a woman’s life that can cause vaginal dryness.

Our research shows that intimate dryness can be an issue for many women at a number of ‘hormonal & life-stage moments’ during their lives – not exclusively during the menopause. Indeed, many women report suffering dryness when taking oral contraceptives, during periods of stress, during medical treatments such as chemotherapy and even during breastfeeding.

So Regelle’s aim is to be there to support you during these ‘hormonal & life-stage moments’ offering a reliable, discreet and long-lasting solution – enabling every woman, whatever her age, to carry on embracing all the pleasures in life.