A lot of mystery still surrounds the menopause. Here are Regelle’s 10 Menopause Facts that you may not have known.


  1. Did you know? – No two menopause experiences will be exactly the same, so expect the unexpected!
  2. Did you know? – Most women will experience some menopause symptoms, so, unfortunately, it’s unlikely you’ll sail through without one or two challenging moments…
  3. Did you know? – The menopause is rarely a single moment, even when your periods are seemingly continuing as normal, you may already be in the peri-menopause phase.
  4. Did you know? – On average you can expect the menopause symptoms to last around four years from your last period, but they could continue up to 12 years.
  5. Did you know? – Either heavier OR lighter periods can be the first sign of the menopause, but generally, you are looking out for changes to your personal regular pattern.
  6. Did you know? – Vaginal discomfort or itchiness is probably a sign of vaginal dryness and long-lasting moisturising options can immediately alleviate these symptoms – and make sex more pleasurable again!
  7. Did you know? – The menopause can make you irritable, anxious and inexplicably tearful, a bit like puberty in reverse! So, look out for mood swings and talk to those close to keep them on-side!
  8. Did you know? – Hot flushes can happen day and / or night and come on without much warning.  At night they are called night sweats.
  9. Did you know? – It can be usual for the menopause to affect your memory. Facts, figures and especially names are harder than ever to recall quickly.  Keep a notepad close to stay on top!
  10. Did you know? – Most symptoms of the menopause can be alleviated if you consult professional advice from your GP and take advantage of the great medications available to women today. This is your time to put yourself first, by looking after your health, diet and exercise routines as well as giving you the perfect excuse to grab an extra 40 winks!


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