We were delighted to read that Regelle was recommended in this weeks issue of Woman’s Own.

The “Sex in your 50s and beyond” Q&A answered some really interesting questions about sexual activity during the average age that women experience the menopause.

Bev in Wales asked: 

“Since the menopause, I’ve had vaginal dryness and sex is now very painful. What can I do?”

Dr Newson responded: 

“This is common, yet most women do not talk about it. This often occurs due to the low oestrogen levels that occur resulting in the lining of the vagina becoming thinner, less elastic and less lubricated. A vaginal moisturiser such as Regelle, Long Lasting Vaginal Moisturiser can help, and oestrogen in pessaries, cream or a vaginal ring can be effective. Use regularly and long term, otherwise, symptoms recur.”

Regelle in Womans Own

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